Project Title: 
Pop Me Ups

Project Description:
Pop Me Ups is a product developed by a team of diverse members from Harvard University, aimed at addressing the escalating issue of anxiety, especially among young adults. The team dedicated 12 weeks to develop a solution that merges the comforting aspect of food with the therapeutic benefits of CBD, resulting in a product that offers real comfort to those dealing with anxiety, all while under the umbrella of Pop tarts and Kellogg’s.

The recent years have seen a significant rise in anxiety levels across the globe, with a notable 93% increase in people screening for anxiety post-COVID-19, leading to the conception of Pop Me Ups. The primary target audience for Pop Me Ups is the "Adult By Circumstance" (ABC) group, which includes young adults who are navigating the challenges of adulthood under difficult circumstances. 

Pop Me Ups are CBD-infused pastries that combine the nostalgic comfort of Pop-Tarts with the anxiety-relieving properties of CBD. The product is designed to be quick, efficient, and accessible, offering a convenient way for consumers to manage stress levels. The product design is inspired by the original Pop-Tarts flavors, with a focus on inclusivity and adaptability.

The team also developed a direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy, leveraging online platforms for sales and marketing while maintaining control over brand messaging and customer engagement. The marketing strategy includes targeted ads, online presence, and partnerships with mental health initiatives. The product's website and mobile app provide resources for coping strategies, mindfulness, and stress reduction, fostering a sense of belonging among consumers.