Project Title: 
Overhead Museum

Project Description:
The project is a photography museum and balloon-scape in the Barbican Area at the heart of London. The project acts as both a community project as well as a modern 
age leisure garden.

The intention behind the project is to maximize perception in both its physical and intellectual value for any visitor. The intervention houses a gallery, various public spaces, as well as four hot air balloons that act as (1.) part of the circulation in their static form and (2.) become spaces themselves in their dynamic – floating – form. 
The museum aims to be a pivotal structure that is inviting, delicate and imposing at once.

An uninformed perception of the Barbican gives way to a new experience, which would now be understood in terms of dynamism, permanence, and connectivity. This
‘tabula rasa’ state of mind creates a purity that is vital for photography itself. With awareness and knowledge added, the space holds a different character. A form of bias is character to the space, but there is also plenty that is lost. The informed perception of the Barbican creates another key of translation to the area, where even when the same spaces are traversed, the experience varies significantly.

Analysis & process
Experimental iteration
Analysis in perspective