Project Title: 
Skyside // A New Living

Project Description:
Ravaging through the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended our way of life in ways we could not imagine weeks prior. Suddenly dense urban areas have become hotspots for the spread of disease, and people across the world have fl ocked to remote cabins and homes in the countryside. In
many ways the coronavirus has pushed rampant urbanization to the brink, but the arrival at this moment is far more complex than the pandemic.

The human race has spent decades focusing on urbanization, efficiency, and convinience. Nature has been evicted from acres and acres of land, to be replaced by dense urban centers that consume the varied layers of the environment, from mining and extraction to deforestation and mass farming. The result is a vicious disconnect between humanity and the true source of its livelihood: nature, not cities. Almost ironically, the coronavirus’ spread is inversely proportional to de-urbanization.

Skyside sets forth a plan to reestablish the relationship between the city and the countryside on one hand and humanity and nature on the other. Refl ecting on the pandemic and struggling global ecologies, it aims to re-insert
nature into cities, strategically de-urbanizing, dis-infecting, and de-densifying neighborhoods, metropolises, and regions.

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