Project Title: 
Gray Noise

Project Description:
The Rachid Karame International Fair is on architectural gem, tucked away but certainly not unknown. An unfi nished project by Brazilian modernist Oscar Niemeyer, the fair was designed in 1963 and abandoned in 1975 with the start of the Lebanese civil war. Today, its monumental concrete follies stand as landmarks.

Designed during Lebanon’s golden age -the 60s- RKIF’s ambition, scale, and modernity are representative of the time. Today it stands as on abandoned naked concrete structure, with no real effort placed towards its revitalization. Plans to revive the expansive site surface frequently, and fade away with matching regularity. Recent
attempts, including a competition initiated by the Tripoli Special Economic Zone for a Knowledge and Innovation Center, leave critical questions unaddressed.

Gray Noise, a speculative narrative in which Niemeyer’s iconic structures come to life, brings these issues to the forefront to instigate a public discussion. The project
illustrates the follies rescuing themselves from neglect as they come together to form a hybrid creature that eventually walks away from the site, leaving only a glitching memory of what once was. Presented as a storyboard, former glory, present intrigue and future reminiscence are then refuted as one, and on independent novel self emerges only to disappear once more.         

[1.] Hello? Where did everybody go? Everything’s silent after the show.
[2.] They left me here, broken, undone. And now I don’t know who I’ve become.
[3.] I’ll pick up the pieces and go my own way. There’s nothing left here, why would I stay.